Quadraspire X Reference

Quadraspire X Reference

This one kind of blew or socks off! We needed a shelving system spacious and flexible enough to handle the Mark Levinson, Chord and larger Arcam products. What we didn’t expect was for the X Reference to be so much better than anything we’ve used with them before. We think it’s extraordinary.

Sure, if you are buying a rack for looks alone, this one is a wee bit marmite, but there are some colour alternatives for the shelves. For sure the materials used, phosphor bronze, aluminium and bamboo is a big part of the story. We have played with some feet that can go under the existing feet of your audio equipment and, even onto a very mundane an ‘grey’ sounding shelve, they can get to a standard surprisingly close to the X Reference rack.

The X Ref shelf is coated in Nextel and the SVT shelves are available in Solid Bamboo or Natural Wood veneer finish. The natural wood veneered shelves are available in the following finishes:- Cherry, Oak, Maple, Wenger and Black as shown. For more information about sustainability of our bamboo, please click here. Real wood veneers and bamboo are beautiful natural products and therefore subject to varying grain and colour.

It’s not cheap. Talk to us! Along with the other Quadraspire racks, we have this on demonstration.

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