RMS Reference Music Systems equipment rack

RMS Reference Music Systems equipment rack

Here we are listing a high end RMS rack on behalf of a local customer.

This hails from a time when racks were moving from simply being attractive places to stack kit into being hi-fi components in their own right. The Stands Unique racks with 10mm glass were massively better than the ones with thiner glass. The RMS was something else entirely.

RMS is / was an offshoot of audio specialists Avondale and used the outer structure of the popular Stands Unique table to disguise something rather more sophisticated within. All the glass is 10mm toughened and the core of the uprights are carbon fibre whilst each shelf is isolated on brass cones with carbon fibre isolators.

The picture with the equipment (not included) shows the table with a set of extenders that add an additional shelf. These are included in the package.

Details below.

RMS Brochure 2

RMS Sheet3

RMS Brochure 1

RMS Sheet2

Thankfully, it does dismantle but there is no packaging and there an awful lot of glass, so collection only, I’m afraid.

Back in the late 1990’s, the whole package (without the £600 of Finite Elemente feet (mow sold) also evident in the ‘system’ shot, came to £1570.

The rack has stood the test of time both physically and sonically, with  Naim Fraims bringing only modest progress (but a lot more flexibility).

Priced at £495

It is located near Woodbridge. We can arrange inspection at our premises as required.

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