Russell K Red 150 Floor-standing loudspeakers at Signals

Russell K Red 150 Floor-standing loudspeakers at Signals

The Russell K Red 150’s are, we think, genuinely remarkable.

Reasonably compact, fairly easy to site, although they won’t suit the smallest rooms, particularly if they need to go near walls.

The red 150 s certainly like Naim systems but they are not restricted to them.

Overall, they are quite easy to drive and a compact integrated amp such as the Rega Elicit R, Arcam A38 or Naim XS2 with achieve great things.

At our Audio Show East in 2015 these were fronted by Naim NAC-N272 / XPS DR / NAP 250 DR and the results were terrific. Here, we have used The big Martin Logan Integrated amp, even Nain Statement and they simply lap up the extra levels of resolution control and subtlety that high end electronics can bring.

As with the rest of the range, the Red 150 is best seen a high end speaker at a very affordable price.


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