Sony VPL-VW550 ES

Sony VPL-VW550 ES

Sony’s high end 4k projectors have been a revelation for us. On the face of it, a 4k device only makes sense if you can take advantage of the extra resolution. Ironically, the appeal has been on what they achieve with standard 2K BluRay discs.

With Netflix, Amazon Prime and others offering 4K material, it is possible to play these ultra HD films natively. Truth be told, the compression that is applied to them means that they are little, if any, better than a really good BluRay disc on a good player outputting a 1080 HD image, but things are already showing signs of improvement.

The great break-through seems to be in HDR (High Dynamic Range) material and the Sony 550 is able to make the most of this.

We have this on demonstration in our dedicated cinema room.

Specifications here.

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