Phoenix S ex dem very low hours

Phoenix S ex dem very low hours

Transfiguration has developed two different types of ring-magnet construction:- The double ring magnet (See diagram under more images 2), as here in the Phoenix S (similarly the Axia and previous models – the Spirit and Aria) place a ring magnet both in front of and behind the coil, allowing the coil to move in a balanced and focused magnetic field. The intimate positioning of coil and magnet creates an unprecedented focus of the magnetic field, resulting in a coherence of the musical presentation that is different from all the others.

Those who place timing high on their list of priorities will recognise the importance of the ring-magnet construction. When a timing (or phase) shift occurs in the complex field of sine waves that combine to re-create the sounds of harmonically rich instruments, e.g. voices, echoes (hall sounds). The possibility arises that not only will the temporal puzzle that is music, not quite be put back together properly but also due to phase-shift, that varies with frequency, may also lead to tonal inaccuracies, contrary to the desire of many who consider it to be a priority. (This is often the case with an inductor and is one reason why Transfiguration cartridges constantly strive for a coil with as low an impedance as possible),

The cartridge has been deliberately and uncompromisingly designed as a top rate product. Mechanically it locates the cartridge on a plane, which provides least variation in tracking angle relative to tonearm movement.


Technical details

1. Push pull damping
A special compound has newly been meticulously designed and fabricated to provide total stylus/coil alignment and control. It’s non-sensitivity to temperature change keeps the damping coefficient stable and improbes tracing accuracy.
2. Twin coils on the cantilever fulcrum
Minimises dynamic mass and mechanical impedance, enabling instant, accurate reaction to every groove detail, including the ability to handle massive transients without overshoot or break-up.
3. Special alloy core for coil assembly
This increases sensitivity by 25dB, improves signal to noise ratio eliminating a usual source of distortion.
4. Neodymium magnet

Thanks to the much higher induced magnetism of the neodymium magnet in both the front & rear of the double ring magnets, the coil-turns of the generator have been reduced. It is very helpful to reduce the internal impedance to 4 ohms, which contributes to the improvement in the solidarity with transparency.
5. Low mass tip
Ogura PA (3 x 30um) tip shares many of the advantages of the flagship MC cartridge “The Orpheus”. Its function is to reproduce the character of the original recorded sound – not add or subtract its own deficiencies.
6. Anti-resonance cartridge body



Body:                      Solid aluminium, non-resonant with deeply cut away sides        

Cantilever:              0.3mm Æ solid boron

Stylus:                     Ogura PA (3 x 30mm) solid diamond

Core/coils:              High grade permalloy square core & 4N  silver coils

Magnetic material: neodymium – front  &  rear.     

Output terminals:   1.2mm dia. gold plated (EIA)                      

Weight:                   7g


Output voltage:                      0.4mV (3.54cm/s – 1kHz)

Internal impedance:              4 ohms ( DC resistance per channel)

Frequency response:           10Hz – 20kHz + 1.5dB   20kHz – 40kHz + 2dB

Channel separation:             > 27dB (200Hz – 10kHz)

Channel balance:                  < 0.5dB at 1kHz

Load impedance:                  > 4.0 ohms


Tracking ability:                      >70µm at a tracking force of 1.8g  at 315Hz.

Dynamic compliance:            12 x 10-6 cm/dyne


Set up instructions

Recommended loading:        >5 ohms

Rec’d tracking force:             2.0 g

Optimum working temp’:       23º celsius

Break in period:                    30 hours


Phoenix S RRP £2795

Ex demonstration under 5 hours playing £1950


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