Trilogy 931 Headphone Amp

Trilogy 931 Headphone Amp

Based fairly and squarely on the superb reference level Trilogy 933, the 931 is a lot more than three quarters as good for quite a bit less than half the price.

It has proved to be a resounding ‘hit’ with listeners and it has that indefinable quality of being appealing.  The mixture of ‘raw’ bead blasted alluvium and anodising or painting looks great.

It’s also available with part of the casework being finished in a colour, at extra cost, see pictures.

Home trials can be arranged.

Trilogy 931 silver £995 delivered

Trilogy 931 in black or blue (please advise) £1175 delivered

Size  140*237*50 (W*D*H)
 Size including connectors  140*244*50(W*D*H)
 Weight (933 Amplifier)  1.65 Kg
 Power consumption  16 Watts
 Inputs  2 Stereo line 4 RCA phono sockets
 Input Impedance  ≥50K Ohms
 Gain (max)  18dB
 Frequency response  20-20KHz +/- 0.5dB
 Output impedance  ≤ 10 Ohms
 Output Power  800mW into 60 Ohms 200mW into 300 Ohms
Distortion (THD) ≤ 0.05% 10mW into 300 Ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 85dB A Weighted
 Phase  Phase correct (non inverting)
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