The Wave Mechanic for Nottingham Analogue (and others)

The Wave Mechanic for Nottingham Analogue (and others)

Priced at £550, complete with 50 Hz strobe light and card. This unassuming black box, designed and built by Martin Bastin, makes a surprisingly large difference to all Nottingham decks up to and including the Hyperspace. The Wave Mechanic power supply remanufactures a 230v 50 Hz supply. It offers pitch control together with the benefits of a much cleaner signal, reducing motor noise.

The effect on our Hyperspace is quite striking. Instantly, things seem calmer, even more secure. Image placement even more incontrovertible, the leading edges of guitars, the “bounce” on bowed instruments better defined. The noise floor is pushed down, leading to better resolution of distant (or just quiet) sounds. Musical flow gets even better. Albums get played to their conclusion and you start listening to the lead out groove just in case there is anything new in there. OK I lied about the last bit, but you get the picture. It starts off as a subtle gain and very rapidly becomes an absolute requirement.

Be warned! Only try one if you are ready to buy it. Withdrawal symptoms are likely to be severe.

£550 inclusive of delivery

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