Update 25/3/2020

In accordance with the new rules, as a visitable location, our business is closed.

We will remain contactable from the point of view of offering help and support. Having taken some advice, it would seem that it’s OK for us to operate as a mail order business, so click to buy items on this site can still be purchased and sent.

We still have quite a bit of stock and many manufacturers and distributors are offering to ship directly on our behalf. Since some are now shutting down, we had best have a conversation to establish that there is supply. Beyond automated clicks and emails, orders can be taken over the phone too with payment via card. It’s always best to talk.

Within the UK mainland, carriage is free on most items.

Signals started as a work from home business almost 27 years ago, juggling fledgling business with childcare,  so we have form in running flexibly! With a spooky sense of circularity, that little offspring is now working in the NHS.

The new wave of Linn Karousel installations will, however, need to be done after the Pandemic has subsided.

Should you need us when the office is not manned, our mobile numbers are:

Andy Heavens 07976 440335

Alastair Gardner 07802 176319

For our sanity, please restrict calls to normal business hours.

We wish everyone good health. Please, let’s stay safe.

We could talk for days about Hi-Fi: 01394 672464 / 5 enq@signals.uk.com
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